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Dynamic Space
The innovative compact but effective display that Martin Leighfield have created in the yard of their workshops shows both a traditional in-frame design and a contemporary shaker design (in a tight galley layout) both fully fitted with Blum interiors and the latter laid out according to the principles of Dynamic Space. Both are fully propped out with goods, utensils, crockery, cutlery etc. This is vital to the success of the remarkable impact these displays have had on sales at Martin Leighfield.
The galley kitchen is organised into five Dynamic Space zones - consumables, non consumables, wet (cleaning), preparation, cooking - and the associated storage units and systems are allocated to each of these accordingly. Some of these zones include some of Blum's more innovative solutions like the under-sink drawer, the unique space corner and the full access larder unit. All drawers, pull-outs and wall cabinet doors are fitted with the superlative Blumotion controlled closing and soft seating integrated system which, says Matthew Leighfield, is an "absolute winner as a unique selling point" (USP). All units also contain the Blum Orga-Line systems for internal dividing and organisation of kitchen interiors.
Martin Leighfield have now designed and sold a number of very prestigious kitchens along the lines of Dynamic Space. "Even when the kitchen design or room architecture doesn't allow us to stick to just five zones the general principles can still be successfully applied to the great satisfaction of the customer and to our credit" explains an enthusiastic Martin Leighfield.

Dynamic Space
Since installing a demonstration area of internal workings and storage solutions for their kitchens in a portakabin, conversion of enquiries to sales have leapt from around 25% to 60% at Martin Leighfield.
Based in a rural village near Reading in Berkshire, Martin Leighfield Ltd have been designing and making hand-made kitchens of distinction for discerning clients. The emphasis is on traditional craftsmanship, natural products for the frontals and accessories and wholly bespoke designs for each, individual customer.
Dynamic Space However no matter how quintessentially English and traditional the design, Martin Leighfield are acutely aware of the modern needs and requirements of kitchens in today's lifestyle and the interiors of their kitchens reflect this with the some of the most advanced fittings and storage solutions in the world.
Martin Leighfield's son Matthew works on both the design and sales side of the company: "We have always realised the importance of the interior performance of any of our products in their success and our customers' satisfaction. Making the kitchen a pleasure to use long after it is fitted is a major reason for our progress and the word of mouth referrals we rely on for sales. "
On example of this is Matthew Leighfield's insistence that no base units should contain fixed shelves but full extension drawers and pull-outs for total and easy access to any point inside the kitchen. So when he decided to attend one of the regular seminars presented by David Sanders of Blum UK on their unique Dynamic Space kitchen planning concept, you could say he was half way converted.
Dynamic Space Blum are the world's leading manufacturers and innovators of advanced fittings, storage and motion systems for kitchen furniture. Their products are included in all Martin Leighfield designs. The Blum Dynamic Space concepts involve using their storage solutions in five separate zones of activity in the kitchen for the best ergonomic use and pleasure. The concept can be applied to any layout - from the smallest galley kitchen (as demonstrated at Martin Leighfield) or the most expansive island spread.
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